Oddly enough - Pak Choi-d off after demo

Tes Editorial

So you aren't wildly keen on national Sats testing in our primary schools? Well, spare a thought for a 25-year-old South Korea-based teacher known only as Choi, who, along with six other members of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers' Union, is in big trouble.

His crime? Authorising his pupils to go on field trips on days that coincided with controversial state- administered national tests - a move that led to his dismissal by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

But Choi found himself in even deeper do-do last week when he was arrested for leading a demo that featured "illegal demonstration items" that turned out to be yellow balloons bearing the slogan "Bring Our Teachers Back". Scary.

Surely the NUT ought to come out in sympathy with our anti-testing brethren overseas?

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Tes Editorial

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