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Oddly enough - Pupils' feline fodder left a poor taste

So there you are, happy in the Swedish permafrost, teaching your primary class about the behaviour of cats. "I know," you think, "I'll get them to taste some cat food."

OK, maybe you don't go that far. But earlier this year one unnamed teacher in the Swedish town of Alingsas got her class munching on the feline fodder. Weird, eh?

One set of parents unsurprisingly complained to the school principal, Cecilia Knutsson, and this led to the local council issuing a written warning to the eccentric teacher.

But not all the parents agreed that chowing down on the meat-based cat grub was such a bad idea.

One group wrote to the school to support her after she apologised. "We have the utmost confidence in her and her otherwise sound educational work," they said.

Last week, the council carried out a spectacular volte-face and rescinded the warning. The cat-teacher is in the clear for now.

No one, though, mentioned anything about other pet foods. Pedigree Chum, anyone?

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