Oddly enough - Singletons' revenge

For single teachers who are in a Bridget Jones-style panic about their lack of a relationship, it is one of the most irritating questions a pupil can ask: "Miss! Miss! Why aren't you married?"

Luckily, teachers have been coming up with some handy responses online at TES Connect.

"Why do you want to know? Are you thinking of proposing to me?" is the suggestion from Sugarglass, while Noisy Lurker prefers "Because men ask too many stupid questions."

Bethannie suggests: "1) Because the sect of which I am High Priestess has forbidden me to engage in any sexual relationship with mere mortals. 2) Because, unlike your girlfriend, I have standards. 3) I'm saving myself for Brad Pitt."

JR Towner prefers to tell pupils that she has devoted herself to them and their wellbeing, so does not have time for a real life.

"I then tell them I get wheeled into a cupboard at 5pm every night and wheeled out at 8am in the morning," she said. "Brighter kids realise this is a joke and understand I mean `mind your own', while the nutters actually believe me."

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