Odds and suds

Nigel Probert

It is interesting that The TES advertises a new series of Waterloo Road (TES Magazine, January 2). The soap is stuffed with "issues" and propaganda. I've observed some of the messages it puts across. Here are a few:

- The average comprehensive is surviving - even thriving - despite the chaos of misbehaviour and "aims" in education.

- The kids are sterling stuff, though often obnoxious.

- The old-style "martinet" teacher is a fascist in disguise and not the type we want.

- Teaching assistants are the salt of the earth.

- Any private investor in schools is a snake in the grass.

- American evangelical religious influences are evil and lead to book-burning.

- The bright "young" female leader or head is an ideal type, despite (or maybe because of) her background in prostitution.

No surprise that the creator of Waterloo Road, Ann McManus, finds her issues in The TES, since the underlying opinion of the paper seems so like Waterloo Road.

Nigel Probert, Porthmadog, Wales.

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Nigel Probert

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