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Officers need leadership, too;Letter;News amp; Opinion

I HAVE just read "Who will lead the school leaders?" (TES, November 5) about those contending to become first director of the National College for School Leadership and am tempted to ask, will the college provide leadership training for primary headteachers, because, if so, why is no one from a primary background being considered for the post?

Having been head of two primary schools and then, for the past 14 years, a local education authority education adviserinspector, I know that, while there are aspects of the skills and knowledge required which are similar to both primary and secondary heads, the emphasis is very different and training and support provided must reflect this.

Why is it considered appropriate for someone from a secondary background to take on such a cross-phase role when primary person is rarely considered for such a position?

Is it "easier" for someone from a secondary background to learn about the special management requirements of a primary school than it is for a primary practitioner to learn about secondary schools? I think not.

Ann Calladine Northwood Matlock Derbyshire

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