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Offside trap

The Modern Studies Association could not believe its luck. Its weekend conference had secured the Parliament's independent "gang of three", Messrs Dennis Canavan, Tommy Sheridan and Robin Harper, to take part in a question and answer session. This was just after Sheridan had accused Canavan of parting with his integrity over the Falkirk West MSP's intention to re-enter the Labour Party.

The prospects of a verbal punch-up, alas, failed to mterialise. Sheridan had to leave 30 minutes into the session to ply his other trade as a dashing forward for Baillieston Juniors in their Scottish junior cup tie against Thornton Hibs.

Who should walk in one door at the exact moment Sheridan walked out another? None other than the Falkirk prodigal.

So Sheridan missed a few chances to score some points - as did his team. They were dumped out of the cup by five goals to two.

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