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Ofsted needs perestroika

The Pravda-style interview ("Ofsted with a smile", TES Friday magazine, October 10) where David Bell was portrayed as the "acceptable face" of Ofsted will cut little ice with most teachers. This latter-day Gorbachev is heading a monstrous, evil, corrupt regime.

The modus operandi of the lowest-bidder inspection teams (with their arbitrary 20 minute observation of lessons) is to conduct a criminal trial where the accused is presumed guilty until they are proven innocent.

Just as football hooligans the Chelsea Headhunters leave only a small calling card next to their battered victims, all we get from Ofsted inspectors is a garbled, incomprehensible report.

David Bell should have the courage to blow the whole Ofsted structure away and bring in a genuine school appraisal system.

Richard Knights 16 The Fairway Liverpool

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