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Ofsted's damage

I was saddened by your article "From hero to zero and back again" (March 6). Here is what appears to be a very good school, with an excellent head, that will probably never be the same again. Congratulations, Ofsted.

What merit can there be in destroying the confidence of a school leader when the nation is desperate for heads? It is indefensible that a school is judged wanting on one year's Sats results, and that the report was put on the website even though there was an appeal in process.

I would like to see an independent and anonymous survey of schools' experiences of Ofsted. Meanwhile Mr McCann, don't lose heart. Your children need you, and you mustn't let a group of box-ticking jobsworths rob them of you.

Debbie Griffith, Bexleyheath, Kent.

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