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Oh, come all ye faithfull

It is, perhaps, a little incongruous that a pop band named Faithless should launch an innovative new education programme intended to build understanding between Christians, Muslims and others in Britain.

Nonetheless, at the Barbican in central London on Wednesday, the band's new music video will kick off the Peacemakers programme, which was born out of the July 7, 2005 bombings.

The education charity Feed the Minds has produced a collection of films, music and photographs portraying ordinary people promoting peace in their communities, a series of high-impact advertisements and an educational guide.

The Anglican Bishop of Durham, the Rt Rev Tom Wright, said the programme could plant seeds that would change individuals, society and, to a degree, the world.

Julie Siddiqi of the Islamic Society agreed: "The fact that Peacemakers is aimed at young people adds to its strengths. Educating, engaging and communicating with the youth is the key to shaping the future."


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