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Oh my god! I snogged a boy from Blue!

Wednesday November 3

Today I went to see my old paediatrician who said I needed surgery on my leg. I am now on the waiting list, but it could be a year before the operation. It's frustrating, but it can't be helped. I believe in myself; if I didn't I wouldn't be able to do some of the things that I can do now.

I was told I would never walk again, and in February 2004 I started walking with a frame. I know it's not walking properly, but it's still more than I was told I would do. I like proving people wrong.

Saturday November 6

My room has been organised so that I know where everything is. Mum has painted my bedroom furniture pink, the colour of Piglet. I have got my pink rug on the floor and lots of pink boxes on the side. Everything I have is pink.

Monday December 20

Oh my god! Today I met Anthony Costa from Blue! I went to the Silver Lining Appeal Christmas party at King's College hospital. They had the usual Christmas pantomime and before the end Mum took me out into the corridor.

The next thing I knew, all these people were coming round the corner and I heard someone say, "Hi, I'm Anthony from Blue." He gave me a signed poster and Blue's greatest hits album. I had a few photos taken with him and chatted for a bit and he then asked me if I would like to be a special guest at their concert next year. I can't wait. I kept thinking, "I am standing next to Anthony Costa with very little make-up on and a scabby nose (due to my stud coming out!)." He went into the hall with the other children and signed things for them. But he came to say goodbye and signed a card for me. I knew when he was next to me because I could smell him. He smelt really nice. He had a bit of a prickly beard which I could feel when he gave me a kiss. I smiled all the way home and texted all my mates.

Friday December 24

Last night I had really bad pains in my stomach. It felt like being stabbed repeatedly. I had backache and all my joints ached. I had a temperature and a headache as well. I couldn't get comfortable and kept fidgeting.

Eventually the tablets kicked in and I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember is waking up in the morning and feeling fine. It turns out that I have a urine infection, so I am now on antibiotics. I was adamant I wasn't going to spend another Christmas in hospital.

Saturday January 1, 2005

Happy new year! I haven't made any resolutions because I can never stick to them and just get disappointed. So instead I will just have goals and if I don't reach them, then I won't be too upset. If I do manage to reach them, then it's a bonus. This year I'm hoping to eat healthier, stick to my exercises, carry on raising money for charities and live each day to the full and enjoy it.

Nicole Dryburgh, 16, attends St Nicholas' special school in Canterbury, Kent, part-time. Five years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. She recovered but then suffered a brain haemorrhage that left her blind and with limited mobility. Contact her at

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