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One-stop science

Rebecca Dixon-Watmough introduces the ASE's new interactive web-based resource

As part of the Planet Science legacy, The Association for Science Education, the largest subject teaching organisation in the UK, is delighted to announce the September launch of its new interactive web-based resource

A central point of reference for all primary and secondary school science teachers and technicians, scienceonestop. com will offer a unique opportunity for specialist organisations to raise their profile and to educate the more influential members of their niche audience.

Defined by age range, there will be four areas to choose from - 3-7, 7-11, 11-14, and 14-19, each having its own contents page listing the core subject areas with accompanying features including ideas for lessons, contacts directories, product showcases and Kitpot - a continuation of the distribution of free equipment and apparatus first introduced in Science Year.

Many of the features will be relevant to, and closely linked to, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Schemes of Work, as well as material compatible with the Scottish, Welsh and Irish curricula. Post-16 and vocational courses will also be covered.

Articles from esteemed individuals and organisations - aimed at educating and inspiring teachers and students alike, will assist by exploring and explaining the many contentious and diverse issues that arise in this ever changing world.

Important Continuing Professional Development links for both teachers and technicians, an Ask An Expert section, a Bulletin Board, a Swap Shop and Student Careers advice for teachers will also be featured, along with a section giving information on the variety of competitions available.

The emphasis will be one of ease and accessibility - a source of information and a directory of contacts, the website will become an indispensable point of reference throughout each school year.

It's just a click away at * For feedback or further information contact Rebecca Dixon-Watmough * Tel: 01254 247764


The Association for Science Education

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