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One-stop shop

THE articles on governors and the "one-stop shop" (TES, October 20) gave an erroneous impression.

The cost per governor candidate is linked to the number of candidates. Assuming target achievement by December, therefore, the cost per candidate will reduce by at least 40 per cent.

If the target is exceeded the cost per candidate will reduce further. The first year costs also include once-only start-up expenses.

The runing costs quoted are overstated for the "first-wave" Excellence in Cities areas by a factor of at least 40 per cent.

It is incorrect to state that "only 73 people have been allocated to schools". Every application has been passed on, either to an LEA or school. The figure refers to those now serving as governors.

Steve Acklam

Chief executive

School Governors' One Stop Shop

64 Essex Road, London N1

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