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Ones to watch

Manon Lescaut Channel 4 Saturday, 31 May, 7.10-10.00pm. The closest many of us will ever get to Glyndbourne will be the three-foot perimeter around the television, so pop open some house bubbly and watch Puccini's other tear-jerker.

Computers Don't Bite BBC2 Monday, June 2, 7.30-8.00pm. Carol Vorderman observes two teachers planning their wedding. Invitation angst, table-plan trauma ... will it all end it tears, or would the betrothed be better off if they used a wedding software package? This is part of the BBC's gentle introduction to IT for adult technophobes.

Home Ground: Every Parent's Nightmare BBC2 Tuesday, June 3, 7.30-8.00pm. Meningitis kills more children than any other infectious disease. This investigation shows how quick action could prevent tragedy.

University Challenge BBC2 Wednesday June 4, 8.00-8.30pm. Prepare to be dazzled by academic virtuosity as Jeremy Paxman quizzes the brightest sparks in this year's final.

Blue Peter Special: The Year of the Reef BBC1 Friday, June 6, 5.10-5.35pm. Coral reefs bring splendour to the seas as well as providing a home for marine life. But they are now under threat. The Blue Peter team investigates some of the ways in which reefs can be safeguarded.

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