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Online effectiveness

Sometimes the classroom is not enough. If you are tempted by e-learning, and want to remain visible and effective, you could dip into How to be a Great Online Teacher (pound;18.95 from Scarecrow Education, available from, which aims to supplement training to give cutting-edge insights into this relatively new area. It's by Kay Johnson Lehmann, an independent educational consultant in the US, former teacher and a winner of the Milken National Educator Award and the Washington Award for Excellence in Education. She specialises in online education and integrating technology into the K-12 curriculum.

From the same publisher comes Teaching and Learning with Technology: Learning Where To Look by Noah Kravitz (pound;22.95). This hands-on guide features lesson plans and case studies of successful practice, with plenty of suggestions for other sources. The approach ranges from the practical (an introduction to HTML, for example) to the cultural (pointers to authors such as Don DeLillo).

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