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Readers respond to articles on the tess website

Readers respond to articles on the tess website

"Staffing crisis causes school leaders anguish" (29 March)

- The availability of supply teachers, especially in primary schools, is a major concern for parents as well.

@T2ERL via Twitter

SQA plays down maths-marker brain drain (29 March)

- This article could have been planted by SQA PR.

Blinkered via the website

Watch amp; learn (29 March)

- Thank you for reminding us why brilliant Black Watch needs to be on the N5Higher drama list.

@Lexi_Quest via Twitter

Working to stop sectarianism (22 March)

- Thanks for coverage of "Champions for Change". Any school can become involved - free.


Experts point to boredom benefit (29 March)

- "Children should be allowed to get bored so they can develop their innate ability to be creative," an expert (Dr Teresa Belton) has said. Any truth in this?


- Not when they are near me. Someone should give them something to do.


- Yes, but as a way of encouraging creativity, not of educating them.


- Lots of truth in this. So many children seem unable to entertain themselves and use the resources around them to create or otherwise use their imaginations.


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