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Would you send your child to private school?

- How many of us who teach and consider ourselves tolerant and leftwing, would not send our children to private school if we could afford it? (For the record, I would 100 per cent send my kid to a private school, even if I had to become a prostitute to do so.)


- We couldn't (wouldn't?) afford to send our daughters to a private school but I wish we had. It wasn't ideological as much as optimistically assuming that schools wouldn't go backwards in terms of educational provision.


- I would love to be able to get them into a private school for secondary. The system bullies teachers while allowing bullies to stay in school seemingly regardless of what they do.


- I feel very lucky that my children were state educated from start to finish. They had an excellent education, amazing opportunities, great results and they're lovely adults.


- I think it would depend on the school. There is a private school near me to which I wouldn't send my child at any price, as it is dull, dull, dull. Private doesn't always mean it's a good thing.


- I wouldn't send my kids to a private school because I wouldn't ever want them to mix only with people who came from rich backgrounds.


- No way. It would be socially isolating my kids from their peers in the neighbourhood - and the local state school, while not brilliant, is good enough. So why financially cripple ourselves unnecessarily?

bonkers 704

- I will not be having kids until I can afford the fees of pound;15,000 per year to send them to a decent private school.


- I turned down a free place for my eldest at a posh private school. It just didn't sit with my ideology. Think it was the right decision.

ellie ellins


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