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What are you creating?

- I'm creating a new herbaceous border in my garden. I'm crocheting a blanket in sock wool and knitting a matinee jacket for the future king or queen of England (wink). You?


- I'm making a mess in the kitchen with my children - Rolo tartlets, chocolate swirls and Belgium biscuit cake (blow the healthy eating). I've been making hats and trying out the new skills I learned at my millinery course. I haven't started the bootees for the future monarch yet, though.


- Tsk. I feel so useless!


- I would love to be creative in an artistic way but have no talents, including musically. The nearest I get is gardening and spent all week planning to widen a border but had no time (long hours working). Today it has rained all day, so tomorrow I will be creative, even if I do it in the rain.


- I'm trying to finish my latest quilt, but I've had to stop because I can't see well enough in this light to thread the needle. Oh no, I'm getting old.


- I am creating a pile of marked exam papers (smug face). I've got 43 left to mark out of 350. Inwardly, I'm creating a list of all the housework that has been ignoredforgotten about while I've been marking. So I'm procrastinating with the papers, of course.


- I just create housework. Mrs Bob is always moaning that I have left pens and books everywhere.


- What a creative lot we all are. I have just been to the garden centre and bought some beautiful plants for the garden refurb. Am having a coffee break before I dig them in.



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