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The Cleavage Conundrum

- The hot weather has brought out wall-to-wall cleavage. Is this right for schools? Although I teach in a Catholic school, the management here seems notoriously lax on the issue. I know that this may sound very ungallant, but any woman pushing 40 should beware of showing cleavage.


- It's not women showing cleavage that bothers you, but women over 40 daring to show flesh.


- I'd advocate cleavage coverage at all ages. Two-edged sword. Certain people can't perv any longer over the younger females and won't have to be disconcerted by the wrinkly chesticles of the more mature woman. Come on, ladies. We're always complaining that men address our bosom rather than our face. Why make it even (ahem) harder for them?


- Never shown my cleavage in my life. Too paranoid. It's never once stopped some men from staring at my chest, though.


- You should stop obsessing about the sexuality of others andor the amount of flesh they're showing. A real sad case.


I don't see why women can't wear button-up collared blouses to work. Except that they're hard to find in the shops.


- On a serious note, we had to ban young teaching assistants from post-16 as the lads would go round with their tongues hanging out, whether the young women were clad in sober garb or more revealing attire. Women, being superior, have a responsibility to control the lesser male and channel his energies into suitable pursuits, eg, learning to read and write, learning to speak rather than grunt and using his hands to mend broken things rather than fiddle with his private parts.


- It occasionally happens the other way round. I worked at a school where a PE teacher wore running bottoms that were skintight and the bulges left little to the imagination.



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