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On the arrival of the Royal Baby

- I'm not that bothered personally, but just wanted to be the first to say it.

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy.


- Well, I suppose it had to be one or the other.


- As I suspected would happen, all the lather they worked themselves up into over female succession turned out to be unnecessary.

We'll see what happens in 30 years, eh?

Captain Obvious

- I think it's lovely news. As a Cancerian, I am pretty pleased the baby is one of us instead of a brash Leo. So yay!


- I've got #163;500 on it being named HRH.


- Oh it's soooo exciting. Stir, stir.


- I'm so disappointed. If it had been a girl, that would have meant something.


- Desperate stuff indeed. Thrones, palaces and the proles at the gates.

Jude Fawley

- Any chance of him being called Gene?


- Who needs another chocolate soldier? I am now officially dead bored of the Royals, and so good night (knight) ... Eton, a uni they did not have the qualifications for, a helicopter and then another royal baby in 30 years. Yawn.


- I suppose the fact we have three generations of male heirs should protect our Protestant throne.


- Let's hope not. The very fact that it is Protestant and the Church is established makes my blood boil. What if Wills became a Muslim. Could he no longer be king? What a nonsense.


- Amen! It's a total nonsense that any adult person would be ashamed to have anything to do with. Talk about a slave mentality.

- I hope it isn't called James.


- Ooh, let's hope it is and then history can repeat itself and the Dutch can take over again and we can have coffee shops and sex shops on every corner and orange is such a nice colour and we might be good at football again and we might start speaking foreign languages.


- Third in line for the throne. Who'd want that? Can you imagine what it would be like? "How much bloody longer are you going to be in there? And don't forget to spray the air freshener before you come out!"


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