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Readers respond to articles on the tess website

Readers respond to articles on the tess website

In "Upfront about assessment" (20 May), the sentence "Assessment is for Learning" is ungrammatical tosh. What is it supposed to mean? Assessment is in favour of learning? Assessment is part of the learning process? It cannot relate to telling the pupils what's in the upcoming lesson. The headline in the article is ridiculous, as is the title Principal Teacher for AiFL. Why does nobody have the gumption to challenge this corruption of language?


Re "A smart way to hold a class in the palm of your hand" (20 May), I would support the use of this technology in education. Lots of great uses that the QR Codes can be applied to. I think it should stimulate the learning experience. Another point not stressed in the article is that these codes are so easy to generate, and can be imported into word- processed documents or presentations. But I don't think there are enough mobile-friendly websites to link to . "normal" web pages are not designed for mobile technology and we need to ensure that if we use QR Codes, then they should really link to a site suitable for these mobile devices. We don't all use iPads.


"All the right moves" (13 May) highlights that teaching is still a rewarding job, despite how tight things are in schools and the general mood in education. I emailed the video link to colleagues and the response indicated how popular this has become and a great way to build upon relationships with pupils - well done, Bell Baxter!


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