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Responses to articles and general chat from the TESS website

Responses to articles and general chat from the TESS website

Absurdity of Cosla proposals (3 June)

Nail, head, hit.


It doesn't take a genius to see Cosla's agenda. They want to turn schools from being run by the teaching profession into cheaper childcare centres run by council workers. Schools will be staffed by poorly paid workers with little or no qualifications. There will be a few supervising teachers on short-term contracts who hand out schemes of work. Parents will be forced into the private sector, further reducing the council's bill for education . I thought Scotland had rejected such rightwing philosophy?


Rethink on Nationals 4 and 5 (3 June)

Students will not be restricted to five subjects in S4 - I hope the people in charge of the region where I work are reading this!


Four different people asked their opinions. Four different opinions given. What a mess.


700 applied!

A primary school in East Lothian recently advertised two part-time and two temporary posts - there were 700 applications. Is this a new record?


This school could have an exceptional reputation. I'm always wary of figures like these. It's been tough for jobseekers for the past five years. It will get better, but by then teaching may no longer be so attractive.


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