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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Split salary and `weed out' the unsuitable (10 June)

- There is a flaw in Glasgow council's scheme. The same schools get probationers every year - it has become a farce where the same school gets a new, inexperienced teacher every year. So now they get a body (er, teacher) much cheaper and don't have to employ them for more than two years - PGCE and probation. How many kids' lives can be ruined by a poor member of the profession or in this case a new one who lacks the experience to do a tough job and now may have the added worry of a really poor wage?


EIS president: `Move forward in unity' (10 June)

- Surely nobody is taking anything coming from Cosla seriously now? This is the body that wants to relegate teaching and learning to a minor role in schools. Did its spokesman really say "local government family"? Did it pick that up from Sepp Blatter, who talks about the FIFA family? If I had made my organisation look ridiculous - as Cosla's McCormac submission did to Cosla - I wouldn't want to use FIFA-like jargon. That can only make matters worse.


- Unfortunately, the EIS are UEFA to Cosla's FIFA! Two dysfunctional organisations pretending to represent their apathetic constituencies; they then turn on anyone who tries to have a say if it is contrary to their interests.

Cochrane 1964

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