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Readers respond to articles on the Tess website

Readers respond to articles on the Tess website

We should take an active part in mcCormac debate (8 July)

Please note the error in this letter. I do not speak on behalf of Renfrewshire EIS, nor do I hold any post within Renfrewshire EIS. The reference to Renfrewshire EIS was added to the letter, which appears as a reply to Henry Hepburn's article last week, and while my name was appended I did not claim to speak for the EIS. I am deeply embarrassed by the alteration as I have made it clear that all comments I have made regarding McCormac are my own views and not those of the EIS.

Ian McCrone

TESS apologises for introducing the error

Easy to be sunny while Hay shines (8 July)

Well done, Miss Hay. In these trying times it is great to hear of an HT determined to be a servant leader for the good of her community


Flanagan: `I was not kicked out' (8 July)

Well done Larry. Good to see you have principles and are prepared to stand up for the weak and the small. Hope you apply these principles to the EIS, too.


A tale of two foes as pay deal nearly topples giant (1 July)

The TESS has given up any pretence of objective journalism. It is increasingly perceived as the EIS fanclub newsletter


Small schools = inferior education, says council (1 July)

I think CfE will become the reasonexcuse for any budget cut that authorities require.


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