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Readers' comments from The TESS Website

Readers' comments from The TESS Website

Students are ultimate winners when we crack collaboration (29 July)

I could not agree more that collaborating and sharing ideas on learning and teaching, learner engagement etc makes a great deal of sense and will ultimately benefit colleges and their learners. Let's hope we see more collaboration of this kind in the college sector.

Ron Dillin, Stow College, Glasgow

Parents' views of school times.

I'm really getting sick of these ignorant people thinking that teachers have it easy and deserve to be punished in some way. No consideration at all to the fact that a child is totally switched off by 3 o'clock, and trying to get them to concentrate on anything is a challenge, but to then extend their time `til 6pm? The kids will be shattered and then the parents will wonder why they aren't doing well at school or with their homework, and the teachers will get the blame again!


There used to be a time when teachers were in loco parentis, now we might as well be rebranded as parentes. It really is a sorry state of affairs, with Cosla's recent outbursts and the complete lack of sympathy from parents during the strike in England. Who in their right mind would want to be a teacher these days?


Some parents appear to think "education" and "childminding" are interchangeable terms. Makes you laugh really - unless you happen to be the child who will grow up knowing your parents have no time for you.


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