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Readers' comments from The Tess website

Readers' comments from The Tess website

At least two modern languages at primary school?

So the minister for learning and skills was on Radio Scotland this morning saying the Government is planning for all Scottish primary pupils to learn at least two foreign languages at primary school. Meaningful learning, mind, not tokenistic. I reached my destination before he (presumably) got on to the part where he explained what we are to stop teaching, or teach less of, to bring in this very important strategy.


It's time the exam appeals system was sent for review (5 July)

Most teachers not involved with the SQA see it as a quango that absorbs a disproportionate amount of time and energy from pupils and staff while extracting ill-deserved fees. It is crucial that quality assurance in every school ensures every child has a sufficient portfolio of evidence that would demonstrate what grade they have achieved. And here's a novel idea to drive this suggestion: what if the evidence could be submitted in advance, allowing an award without a final exam? How much time and money would that save? This would leave the final diet as being a catch-up for those who have been absent or ill.


Dressed to skill: Rory's flair for fashion (12 July)

You are doing so well. Fantastic.

Alasdair Andrew

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go

Sage advice to newcomers or those needing to gee themselves up for another long-haul year is always to be found on the TESS forums.


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