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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Legacy of teacher who captured pupils on canvas (19 August)

Good story. Bill was a man of great integrity and an outstanding teacher. It was because of his inspirational way of promoting education, not only art and design, that I chose teaching as a career. Curriculum for Excellence could have been coined for his approach - he was doing that long before the "initiative" started. I too have a portrait, of me, done by Bill when I was in sixth year (1970) at Hamilton Academy. It has pride of place on the stairwell and is another Alston masterpiece. Bill not only taught supremely well, he also ran the jazz club, film club, helped with drama inter alia - in short, he believed in an all-round educational process. Hopefully, he will now get the recognition, posthumously, his talent deserves.


Liking their lingo a lot (19 August)

All primary pupils to be taught two modern languages - how are they going to do this? Are they going to send teachers on "crash" courses to teach a foreign language? Or start recruiting teachers with language experience? My job prospects have improved if that's the case. However, I fear it will be the former, and our children will be learning from teachers who have no desire, experience or will to learn the language themselves!


Burning passion: does it pay to teach abroad? (12 August)

Thanks for being candid. This is good information for those who want to leave.


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