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Readers respond to articles on the TESS Website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS Website

New union to target disaffected EIS members (26 August)

l We face a real threat to all the success and stability of the past 10 years from the pressures being put on McCormac. Cosla has promoted an anti-education and anti-teacher agenda in its submission.

ADES (education admin) appears to want to turn the clock back by replacing teachers' flexibility to meet pupils' needs with direction and control, and some teachers want to pursue a self-indulgent, personal agenda.

The only way to resist the attacks which are coming is from within the EIS and not sitting on the sidelines.

A small splinter group or even a large one will strengthen the hand of anybody intent on attacking education and teachers' salaries and conditions.

I would urge everybody to become as active as they can within the EIS, even if it just means going to meetings or taking on a role in school.

Ian McCrone, Recruitment policy flouted (26 August).

I too find this situation very hard to comprehend and find it to be commonplace among most LAs. Surely this has to be addressed for equality in the jobs marketplace.


Social enterprise winners show they've got the hang of business (26 August)

Great to hear of stories that allow more learning styles to come to the fore in Scottish schools. This evolution of learning is very encouraging for the future, as are the pupils' stunning achievements.

Daniel Scott

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