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McCormac flexibility faces resistance (16 September)

They speak about better outcomes. Exam results have been improving - does that not reflect well on the profession or do they secretly know about grade inflation? The report says it "advances professionalism", yet then says that non-teachers should provide educative experiences . but under the responsibility of the classroom teacher in primary, meaning the staff member has a choice - do I take my 2.5 hours planning and development time or do I babysit? If I leave and something happens, who will be responsible? McCormac makes it clear.


Too much reading between the lines at present to get a clear picture. Will we have to undertake CPD during holidays? Will the CTs actually get to retain their money?


Expert heads' group to boost pupil attainment (16 September)

Visited Val Corry's school and was very impressed by her and her community. She had an attitude of freeing her staff, trust and seeking creativity . Comparing her attitude to McCormac's is sobering.


Strikes will make politicians pay heed on teachers' pensions (16 September)

A union leader in England pointed out this week that the Treasury has not issued details relating to the financial situation of the teachers' pension scheme. Despite being asked to increase contributions by 3.2 per cent, the Treasury will not say if the scheme is in surplus of deficit . What is the situation in Scotland?

James Waugh

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