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New dawn, new drive for Gaelic language (7 October)

It is not surprising that the results of the Scottish Goverment's survey were supportive. It is they who are pursuing this nationalist, populist policy. Gaelic is very important to our history, but it will not be to our future, unless as a way to bring in tourists.

Last year I spent a year teaching at a school in our Gaelic heartland. It is very rare to hear people speaking the language in the school or in the community. It is dying out. Throwing money at it WILL NOT change this. The money would be better spent preparing future generations for the world we live in.

It is difficult to see how taxpayers will see a benefit in throwing money at Gaelic, but if you look at the Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh trams sagas it is clear that politicians have no qualms in splashing our money around for purposes which remain unclear.


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