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Leaders go back to nature (14 October)

Can we nominate leaders to go walkabout for a few months?


Online opinion (14 October)

l As a Gaelic speaker I support the promotion of Gaelic in schools. I learnt Gaelic from the age of 10 and am proud to say I am now fluent. I cannot see how learning a language can be anything but beneficial to a pupil. I have both attended and worked in a Gaelic-speaking school and find it VERY hard to believe that versingetorix did not hear anyone speaking Gaelic in the school or local community. There is a huge Gaelic- speaking presence. To say the language is dying out is just ignorance. Yes, the number of people who can speak the language is falling, but the language is very much alive and will benefit hugely from more promotion.

Sarah M

Do supply teachers mark work in their own time? (10 October)

l When I heard I was only getting paid for three hours for a morning and two hours for an afternoon, I asked an EIS rep when I do marking, as it's almost impossible to do it during class time and children can't always mark. I was told not to do any marking and, since I was only being paid while the children were in front of me, to arrive at 9am and leave when the children leave - not very professional. However, in two schools I worked in last week I was asked to sign a form to say that I would undertake all marking and any necessary record keeping. This was done but I was not paid for the time.


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