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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

From school to college was a journey out of exclusion (21 October)

Excellent article. I hope it inspires many and creates better understanding and acceptance with a strong emphasis on treating people the same as everyone else without discrimination.


Battle lines are drawn as the classroom elite come under fire (21 October)

It is a shame that this scheme is under threat. It was a real way of improving Scottish education. Where will the incentive be now for classroom teachers? I hope that the Scottish Government will look to the future and will not just think short term.


"It seems to me a particularly Scottish characteristic that we need people to know their place and not to get ideas above their station." Scottish schools are embedded with this ideology. Here's a thought - why are managers paid more than classroom teachers? They are given management time to discharge their duties.


'Give us some coffee-shop technology' (21 October)

I allow my pupils to use their phones to film experiments, make notes and do calculations. This has led to conflict as I kept getting reminded it is against policy. Then told I hadn't embedded ICT enough in my classroom!


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