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I think we might have to start thinking about pulling out of the teacher pension scheme. With the changes that are being touted, they want almost pound;300 per month from me. I might not even get to spend it as they want me to work till I'm 68. Will I even get any pension? Once I am in my 70s, how much longer will I have left? At least if I stick my pound;300 in a Cash ISA or something fairly solid, I will have pound;200k or so to spend. Down-size my house and I might see another pound;200k.


I think the Government is hoping teachers do decide to opt out. It'll save them money.


I know the figures look bleak (understatement?) but don't be hasty. I received advice to opt out in the '80s after a few years' teaching, had my kids then went back to teaching and opted back into the pension scheme. If I hadn't opted out my figures would be better - wish I'd ignored the original advice. I made the wrong choice. Wherever you put your money could go belly-up.


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