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Readers respond to items on the TESS website

Readers respond to items on the TESS website

Advice required on crossing picket line

I have never had to cross a picket line before as I've never worked anywhere where there has been a strike on. I've heard some horror stories about the way staff going to work have been treated by the striking staff (eg during the nursery strikes a few years ago). Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with any awkward situations which may arise on 30th?


It is regrettable that you are not prepared to lose a day's pay to defend your pension (and those of other public service workers). To say that some of your colleagues may view this with a degree of contempt is only to state the truth I am afraid. I am sure you will not be subjected to abuse but your relationships with your striking colleagues will certainly be affected.


Exams timetable is inadequate (18 November)

I got very little change out of SLS when I asked for their support in hammering the SQA for their scam of charging late fees for appeals the very year they made the deadline the earliest ever. SLS is a toothless talking shop, now whingeing about cuts in senior management. How many of their members ruined schools by shedding PTs in favour of faculty heads?


I.T. behind astounding gains in spelling age (18 November)

That's great.


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