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Readers respond to articles on the TESS Website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS Website

McCormac team member urges them to make their case (2 December)

I wonder if other chartered professions (engineering, accountancy, surveying, to name a few) consider that they are professions of virtue and nastiness. I doubt it. Rather than separate the competent from the incompetent, it shows how a professional has reached a high level of competence in a particular field of work. It is certainly not about being "just professional" or "highly professional".


Retirement deal for teachers is still one of the best around (25 November)

Having worked in the private sector, been unemployed and run my own business, I finally went into teaching. My pension will be around 9k after 20 years' teaching. Not a good deal for all the commitment and expertise I brought to the profession.


Russell plans to get more people into teacher training in his bid to solve supply shortage (11 November)

My school can no longer get supply teachers as they are simply not doing the job any more, with the result that my colleagues and I are now covering classes left, right and centre. Am I being cynical in thinking that is what the councils wanted all along? Classes are covered, and they do not need to shell out for supply staff. Sneaky, sneaky time by the cooncils methinks.


TESS Interview: Margaret Alcorn (25 November)

Just discovered the interview with @cpdc in this week's TESS. Fab.


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