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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Four-year B.ED is put to bed (2330 December)

"There will be an emphasis on research and `critical enquiry'." Don't expect to apply it though in the highly political climate of Scottish education. Critical analysis of most policy releases does not allow them to stand up to scrutiny but hell mend you if you point this out. Contrast the aims of these courses with the recent work of Walter Humes and his lamenting of the withdrawal of educational research funding.


Even pupils whose scarves don't match can be close-knit (2330 December)

Maybe a start would be to reduce the two acronyms RME and RCRE to one.


They serve different purposes, Paul. RME regards truth as subjective and relativist; whereas RCRE regards truth as objective, eg, Jesus rising from the dead is a historical fact, not mere opinion. It would be helpful if both those studying RME and RCRE could come together to explore claims for religious truth.


Ballinger gets `flood of complaints' over cover (16 December)

I recently found out that schools have to pay for supply teachers in most cases out of their budgets. It doesn't justify cutting corners or underpaying but it does explain why schools may want to do this.


Ken Cunningham is admitting that heads "will find ways of rewriting the book". This system is not only unfair, but unworkable. The only level playing field is . full pay from the first.


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