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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

When it comes to exams, we fail to see the big picture (13 January)

The competition between education establishments is all about their ranking in league tables, who gets a higher rating and so a better reputation and greater selective intake. Less thought is now given to candidates' level of learning and the skills with which they leave school. Local school education in Hong Kong counts on rote learning - students are awarded marks based on how much of the passage they can recall in the exam. This is not in any way "alarming". That's what Asian culture teaches children from a young age. But for Western nations to adopt this attitude is disappointing.


Time to call for a separation of Church and State (6 January)

Catholics already pay for schools through council tax. Also, the aim of Catholic education differs from secular education. Perhaps a compromise would be to adopt the English system of voluntary-aided schooling, whereby the Church pays 10 per cent of capital funding costs.


Take stock of investments (6 January)

"By the beginning of December, as the crisis in the Eurozone deepened, the value of Glenrothes High's investments had dropped by 25 per cent, Dollar Academy was down by 11.1 per cent, Tarbert Academy was down by 9.7 per cent and King's Park Secondary was down 4.7 per cent." Should we be teaching gambling?


TESS interview: Mick Jackson (6 January)

Inspiring article! St Joseph's primary in Aberdeen raised over #163;8,000 for Micro-Tyco.


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