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Readers respond to articles on the TESS Website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS Website

Parents' leaders call for clarity on exams (24 February)

Heard Mike Russell berate a teacher on Call Kaye when he asked if it was good planning to issue final courses in April for a JuneAugust start. He replied, "What have you been doing for 7 years?" Well, CfE mainly, reading and trying to make sense of it before writing tons of coursework. Now we are waiting for the final documents before starting on N5, 4 and Access for June or August!


I heard it. Mike Russell was blustering and bullish. Couldn't believe he tried to get the name of the geography teacher who called in to raise her very real concerns about assessment. As someone said on here, never has the word "support" been used so threateningly.

readyfor theweekend

CfE - but what do kids think? (17 February)

Well said. Pupils are never asked for a meaningful opinion.


Gove to consult businesses on regionalised pay scales (10 February)

Another madcap idea. He won't be happy until he has destroyed teachers' pay and conditions and privatised state education. He is doing untold damage to the "profession". Of course, teachers are not treated as professionals. Imagine doctors and lawyers putting up with threats and being constantly denigrated.

Recruitment and retention issues will remain a concern. And what will Gove do when he has alienated too many teachers and forced them to leave? Send in the Army?


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