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Readers respond to articles on the Tess website

Readers respond to articles on the Tess website

pound;3.5m cash boost to rescue Nationals (23 March)

Higher Still: pound;44 million extra, course material, secondees and 2 delays of a year. CfENationals: pound;3.5 million extra with 2 months to go and no delay. We are doing the 2+2+2 model and have planned for N45 next year as we are providing a two-year course. Do we dump this for the never-ending flabbiness of the junior phase E+Os? How do we deliver a two-year National course on 3 periods per week in S4? I and many colleagues stressed out over the lack of direction here.


Yes, we have been here before, and learned nothing from the previous experience. Who to blame? Try the "Leadership Class in Scottish Education".


Pieces from an old puzzle don't fit new curriculum jigsaw (23 March)

This really is the best analysis of the current tensions and problems with CfE that I have read. We seem unable to manage change well at the qualifications end of the 3-18 curriculum. It leaves me wondering why we never look at the option of piloting change before full implementation?

Robert Sim

We need better connections for CfE and National exams (23 March)

The best summary of the current context by miles.


Three's company when improving the curriculum (23 March)

I too was on this course and found it worthwhile and a refreshingly common-sensical approach to creating improvement in understanding. Chris was a brilliant support and always enthusiastic.


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