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Don't be technophobes, says Russell (27 April)

- Very true. Why ignore something that interests children and has the potential to stimulate their learning?


- I'm wondering, and perhaps I'm just too old at 32 to get "it", whatever it may be, but what actually are kids learning by playing games "fending off monsters and finding food to stay alive"?

readyforthe weekend

- If only Bruce Robertson had been this keen to unblock websites when he was a director of education.


- readyforthe weekend is right to be sceptical. It's easy to make glib statements about the use of different devices and access to popular websites being a good thing. But the basics haven't changed: what does the teacher want the pupil to learn as a result of this use of technology? The soundbites don't always get beyond criticising authorities for blocking social media sites and don't make enough of a case on learning and teaching grounds.

Robert Sim

- Yes, games can teach certain skills, but we don't suggest that every subject can be taught through a game of football, so why is it suggested that electronic games can be so universally useful? There are mixed messages, too; one minute phones should be discouraged as they are being used for cyberbullying and the next we shouldn't be teaching without them.


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Tes Editorial

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