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So just how deep was the `deep audit'? (29 June)

- By the admission of Kenneth Muir, chief inspector of education at Education Scotland, the deep audit was not a deep audit?

It was not, as he says, a "difference in interpretation"; it was either a lie by the education minister or he has been misled by his officials. A decent democracy would call for a resignation.

In a BBC article: "Education Scotland described its audit as `thorough and comprehensive.'" Is this now false, Mr Muir?

Bill Maxwell told the Scottish Education Committee, "I have asked those teams of district inspectors and area advisers to go into their local authorities . and undertake what we are calling a deep status audit with the local authority of the state of play in every secondary school and the departments within those secondary schools."

Did they get data on every department? Not ours. There is much to be admired in the aims of CfE but little to be emulated in the implementation.


- Funny how this comes as we break up for summer.


- I'm not surprised.


- I've just read the article in more depth. "Was `deep audit' the wrong term?" asked Liam McArthur, Lib Dem MSP for Orkney Islands. "Because a deep audit would suggest reaching into schools to department heads and practitioners at the chalk face. That clearly was never the intention."

Did they honestly think that heads would pass on their colleagues' concerns without a massive audit . sorry, I mean "edit".


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Tes Editorial

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