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Readers respond to articles on the Tess Website

Readers respond to articles on the Tess Website

The door to success is open but the route is challenging (20 July)

- Well said, Josh. He is a great example of what Scottish pupils are capable of academically and in terms of social conscience. Best of luck to you.

L Bloomer

Assessment for Learning creators claim too many missed the point (20 July)

- What is wrong with the word "assessment" if it measures an aspect of learning? We have to agree about what we are doing to find out if the learner has improved, ie, he understands more and can explain his "new" knowledge and apply it. If I use a formative test, I am "assessing" knowledge.


- Is it me or are professionals making it more complex than it is? Three questions I instil into learners: Where am I now?; Where could I be?; How do I get there? Learners still expect to complete a piece of work without identifying what the assessment outcome is. If the learner recognises where they started and the progression independently alongside self- and peer-techniques, then job done.


- So, teachers are doing something else wrong. If only the experts would tell us which experts we should listen to, we might stand a chance of getting it right. I'm reminded of the novel Nice Work by David Lodge, where professors jet around on lecturing tours collecting fees for their efforts. But what do I know - I'm only a teacher.


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