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Readers respond to articles on the Tess Website

Readers respond to articles on the Tess Website

Science and social subjects go under the microscope (21 September)

- Getting depth is always difficult. Limited time, concentration spans, variability of motivation to do what is required - all can work against going as deeply into subjects as many teachers would like.


Open Letter - Transformational change (21 September)

- Mr Iain Smith, thank you for being our partner in Journey to Excellence. Formative assessment workshops helped a lot in understanding what we were lacking.

Seeme Laleka

The City School

Teacher accused of using insider information on exams (14 September)

- Much more common than you would think.


Comparator school measures to be scrapped (14 September)

- "Diagnostic assessment and self-supported study materials to enable aspiring teachers and newly qualified teachers to develop their knowledge and skills to teach literacy".

Er. so we're on our own again if `experienced?'


Away with the fairies (14 September)

- That's it! The new name for Curriculum for Excellence or CfE for "practitioners". Project Dream On!


Scotland is at the vanguard of information (14 September)

- "Countries like Singapore were increasingly looking to less prescriptive educational approaches in countries like Scotland, according to Don Ledingham, executive director of services for people (East Lothian) and director of education and children's services (Midlothian)."

- Surely a case of taking multi-tasking a stage too far!


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