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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

`Directors urge revamp of pay and duties,' TESS, 22 April

- The call for a loss of working at a time and place of your own choosing is due to an outdated view of teachers as worker ants not to be trusted. Do these people not believe in self-evaluation and PRD (professional review and development)? Do they measure outcomes? I am inclined to answer their call with a demand that all staff are contractually forbidden to take stuff home so they can gain a work-life balance!


- A far more sensible strategy for cost saving with absolutely no damage to the quality of educational provision in the classroom would be to instantly take education out of local authority control, reduce the number of local authorities to something comparable to the police (eight constabularies), and axe the salaries of 24 highly paid directors of education and their grey-suited bureaucrats. Local authority "quality assurance" teams etc do little more than duplicate the likes of HMIE and LTS anyway, and only in a manner designed to make the local authority look good. Tough measures may indeed be needed, but those actually involved in teaching children (including chartered teachers such as myself) will be expecting the lead to be taken from the top . and there's a whole lot of dead wood up there.


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