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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Ralli round and listen out for language impairments (12 October)

- A very thought-provoking article. SLI (specific language impairment) often gets missed or misdiagnosed. The consequences often result in behaviour issueslow self-esteemlearning difficulties. Education and speech and language therapy services need to be working more collaboratively.


New vision for Edinburgh schools (12 October)

- Will they pay redundancy money? What if you are moved from being a faculty head on #163;48k to one on #163;42k? Who would accept a massive wage cut? Will the authority revert to common pay scales?


- Can one be awkward and ask how much experience Ms Prophet had, and if she was a headteacher, would she have liked it?


- Ms Prophet was head at Firrhill High in Edinburgh for three years at most before accepting a secondment with the City of Edinburgh to manage the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.


- New vision for Edinburgh schools? Surely it should be nightmare. This has clearly not been thought through.


Tablets are taken but who will swallow the bill? (12 October)

- It is not the machines that make a difference, it is the value system which underpins the whole edifice and which contains the technological toys. A real education requires effort that is sustained over a long period of time. In the end, it comes down to people - both the teachers and the taught.


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