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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

I'm a daydream believer in a passive learning nightmare (26 October)

- Einstein said most of his best work was done while daydreaming. That is the true value of the boring lecture. My favourites have included:

1. A speaker training us in active learning by lecturing us all day.

2. HMIE who, at a school leadership residential started with, "I'm sorry I'm late but I took the wrong PowerPoint with me - give me a minute till I see what's on it first!"

3. The school CPDInset day where some poor soul copies and pastes Building the Curriculum 12345 on to a PowerPoint, gives us handouts of the slides (read in two minutes) then reads them out for 30 minutes as an exhortation to engage learners!


`State sector's inefficient culture makes me sick' (19 October)

- I would love to have even 4 weeks holiday without school work. Just a weekend without marking, planning, would be great! The paperwork is endless. Trainees don't realise what they are getting into. Schools need to look at work-life balance policies. Since this policy was introduced, workload has risen hugely. Teachers are taking on more and more, often without remuneration.


Modern languages - the drip, drip method (19 October)

- After reading this article, I think it's so interesting! I have decided to base my dissertation around it. Really impressed. Thank you.


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