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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

TESS Interview: Sarah Breslin (2 November)

- This has been a most interesting article to read. Many thanks to Sarah for all her hard work and support of the MFL teachers in Scotland. We are lucky to have such a fantastic professional with great personality. The 1+2 is an ambitious but not impossible goal to achieve - if all stakeholders are willing to work together for the benefit of generations to come.


Give teachers a place to gossip (2 November)

- Always believed there should be a place in every organisation where you can let off steam. We used to have them in schools. I think they were called Stoof Rams or something similar until we got too busy form filling.


Sacre bleu! So I'll have no homework at all? (2 November)

- Not just children from disadvantaged backgrounds would gain from the move to abandon homework in primary school. Children with parents who work shifts andor are professionals with little spare time to spend with their sons and daughters would certainly welcome not having to consider homework a family activity. This would also mean that homework as a category would not appear on a primary pupil's report card - a category that actually assesses parents rather than their children.


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