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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Donaldson's ideas are 'driven' forward (9 November)

- Meanwhile, in the real world: wage freezes lead to living standards dropping rapidly, resources are squeezed with teachers expected to fill the gap, Curriculum for Excellence is not understood by most levels of education, as evidenced by the patchwork and premature introduction of Nationals this year by many, and teachers are spending all their spare time writing courses poorly articulated by the catch-all of experiences and outcomes.


Scottish College for Educational Leadership to be established (9 November)

- There is too much management and not enough true leadership in education. The hierarchy of classroom teacher, head of departmentfaculty makes it difficult to drive subject-specific development forward. The reduced number of promoted posts and job-sizing salaries for super PTs is an obstacle for teachers with a vision and enthusiasm to develop themselves and others. There are countries in Europe without the concept and post of principal teacher.


What price the young vote in the referendum? (9 November)

- Many young people have a greater grasp of the political milieu we are living in. Compared with those who vote on the blind faith handed down by their parents, I'll go with the teenagers!


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