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Readers respond to last week's articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to last week's articles on the TESS website

New check on progress in CfE-readiness

- "Still allowing pupils to make subject choices at the end of S2 - a practice that contravenes Education Scotland guidance on the broad general education for S1-3."

Guidance? It's daft-as-a-brush guidance. S3 Broad General Education is a smokescreen for National work in pyjamas, due to the lack of time to do Nationals in S4.


Places on PGDE primary courses are set to rise

- It's such a shame that graduates from six to eight years ago, who struggled to get jobs have now moved on to other careers or other countries.


All this talk of vision and passion is a definite turn-off

- Leadership at times seems to be put on the same level as management. It is much more than that. Without a vision and without principles based on theory and practical experience, progress and improvement cannot happen easily, if at all.


Languages expert hits out at 'unclear' report

- Scotland is unable to deliver and enforce one language in primary schools; why does the government want to introduce another language? It looks and sounds good in the press but is it a "pie in the sky" initiative? If Scotland was serious about languages, then they would be made compulsory until age 18, as in all European countries. I am glad to read that this 1+2 approach is being challenged.


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