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Readers respond to last week's articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to last week's articles on the TESS website

Anxious times for male teachers in primary

- A lot of the issues here stem from fear ... The irony is that there is an archaic perception that being a male primary teacher is not "proper man's work". Well if you can do it, do a great job and enhance children's lives and be free of fear, in my book that makes you more of a man than any other profession. A great book, Tips for Real Men in Primary Schools, available through Amazon, has empowered me to step up and make a difference.

Future Teacher via the website

- Thought-provoking piece on male primary teachers. From experience, stereotypes and anecdotes still ring true.

@iainm72 via Twitter

EIS: support materials are needed now

- We are writing stuff like J.KRowling on speed. The support materials are lists of questions and rationales of as much use as a sherbet wing on Concorde.

cochrane1964 via the website

Steps forward on flexible practice

- Flexible time can not be "blocked off" for CfE initiatives, professional development or anything else other than planning, preparation and marking as set out in the current arrangements.


Distributive leadership has four key principles

- Alan McLean on distributive leadership resonates strongly; always felt this is about getting the best out of everybody.

@Lexi_Quest via Twitter.

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