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Peter Ransom suggests the best sites for interactive encouragement These maths revision websites are ones I suggest my pupils use. They all provide comprehensive coverage of number, algebra, shape, space and measures, and data-handling at intermediate and higher level. The BBC site also covers foundation level well.

This site is the best by far. It is well laid out and easy to follow.

Pupils can ask a question and generally get a reply within 24 hours. The site covers all the levels and allows the user to choose between revision and test pages. There is good interactivity, allowing the user to answer at crucial points.

This site might suit some intermediate and higher level pupils. No interactivity and too much text.

www.digitalbrain.comdigitalbrainwebsubjects2.%20secondaryks4mat?verb U seful mainly for higher level pupils. Plenty of text but not much activity. The GCSE revision site is now accessible only by subscription (pound;15), but some sample pages for intermediate level are free and well worth using.

This was a very good site when it was free last year.


This site covers only intermediate and higher level. Includes some higher level papers. This factual site has a few examples to try. A nice site which has plenty of questions to try and worked answers. Visit the Practice Room for plenty to do. Only deals with intermediate and higher levels. Mainly aimed at higher level, this site is pupil-friendly and has plenty of notes and examples. This site is well laid out with easy access. As well as notes there are questions to tackle. Answers are provided, but the methods of obtaining them are not.


Includes some material that could be used for foundation level pupils.

Notes, questions and worked examples.

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